The Book Thief

The Book Thief

So here is a more depressing novel compared to the Cuckoo’s Calling. Anyway, I have this thing where if I see a movie that looks interesting and is based on a book, I have to read the book first. Or at least I have to try, sometimes it happens and other times it doesn’t. Let’s make this easy. This novel is based on the lives of individuals, mainly one little girl during the Nazi Reign in Germany. So right then and there you realize it has to be about the Holocaust. It follows the life book thief and anyone that she comes in contact with and who touched her life in some way. This includes her best friend, the mayor’s wife, her foster (or adoptive) parents and the Jewish boy that they hide in their basement. Yes, you heard me right, this is a story of survival and a story of people in Germany during this time that didn’t believe in the Nazi way. It shows the fear that Germans had and how it effected their every day lives. The best part about this novel? That the narrator is death, something that I have never read before but that brought a new layer of understanding of what the author was trying to portray. The narrator, death provides sadness, courage, envy, and love in a way that no other novel or author has been able to do before. I can definitely see why it was #1 Best Seller. If you want more information, click on the picture of the book above and you can get more information and a website to buy the book if desired (barnes and noble) or you can click here: The Book Thief

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