Camel’s Hump Mountain, VT

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We had a friend come and visit this past weekend who loves being outside so we decided to hike Camel’s Hump Mountain. This is the second time I have hiked it and it really doesn’t get easier, the only bright side this time was that it wasn’t raining like last year. That at least made it easier. Here’s a background of Camel’s Hump: It’s very remote, there isn’t a welcome center, you don’t have cell service and there are multiple different routes to climb. The longer consists of the Long Trail but it apparently isn’t very steep, the one we did was less miles but steeper. Our elevation started at 1,600 ft (ish) when we started out and we ended at 4,083ft- we actually climbed the 2.5 miles and elevation of 2,500 ft in an hour and a half. So basically we went pretty fast which might be why I was so tired into it. Being short, I have a difficult climbing more than the guys but that’s okay.

It was a great first hike of the season, a little hot going up (when we got to the top our friend thought his back was leaking until he realized that his back was so sweaty). It was cool at the top, the view overall was fantastic, a little hazy but so much better than before. When we got to the top we found a nice spot to sit, relax and had some lunch before we started back down the mountain.

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Overall, the hike was awesome (even if I complained a bit). If you’re ever going to plan to hike it, make sure you have plenty of water and your plan is to have the entire day to hike/explore. The overall hike time for us was probably 4-5 hours (including the time it took us to get to the mountain in general)

Here’s some more information about the mountain:

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