Cape Cod 2014

Cape Cod 2014
Finally a vacation with my boyfriend! A real true vacation! Unfortunately I started a new job the beginning of July in 2013 so I wasn’t able to take time off for a vacation. I guess I made up for it by going on a vacation in May to Chincoteague Island and now to the Cape. So I usually go to the cape every year. In case you haven’t been there, you should know this- it’s expensive. I luck out because I have two different family members with cottages on the cape, so it doesn’t usually cost me much which is why I go just about every year. This year was a little different though, my boyfriend had friends going the same week as us so we split our time. Half of it was in Chatham with my family and the other half was with my boyfriend friends in North Truro. If you don’t know where they are it’s easy- Chatham is the elbow of Massachusetts, North Truro is near Provincetown so it’s the farthest you can go on the cape. It’s also home to the National Seashore which is pretty cool. 
North Truro/Provincetown 
The Beaches
So some of the beaches here are awesome. The best part about this part of the cape is that you can be on the open ocean side which gives you waves (if you like them). This section also has a ton of bike paths through sand dunes which unfortunately we didn’t get to do this year. I have done them and fair warning, they aren’t easy so be prepared. A downfall to the cape is that to park at any beach you have to pay. The National Seashore beaches are $15 a day for all of them. So you can leave one and go to another in the same day and not pay again. I guess that’s a benefit but it’s still pricey (especially in comparison to my trip to Virginia). 
Head of the Meadow is the best beach, perfect waves for boogie boarding, a large beach for playing games or just tanning and when there is low tide there is a little “swimming pool” if you swim across it you can reach a sandbar and walk along that or continue on into the ocean. We also went to Ballston Beach, it’s private so you would need a resident pass or be staying in a rental home that has one for you. Don’t worry though, it’s not worth it. We went to Head of the Meadow just about every day. Here’s a link for more information: Head of the Meadow Beach
The Hotel
We stayed at the SeaGull Motel  it wasn’t cheap but it was fantastic. I actually think I’m going to get an Expedia account so I can leave a review of just how nice it was. Unfortunately there wasn’t a kitchen, only a mini fridge so we had to eat dinners out most nights (which was okay since we would be in Chatham and not have to pay as much) and it was expensive. There were charcoal grills outside if you wanted to grill one night so it’s not as if you had to eat out every night if you didn’t want. The best part of the hotel was their own private beach (even if it did have a lot of seaweed) and the view. I love a view and this had just that!
Things to do that doesn’t involve the beach
So if you haven’t heard of Provincetown before, you should google it. It will provide you with all the information you need. Anyway there is a lot of nightlife, shops, restaurants, bars, and shows (though most would probably be inappropriate for children). We did not go to a show as much as I wanted to but we did go to Truro Vineyards. I LOVE this place. Whenever we are in the area we go. The wine is great, and the vineyard is beautiful. I love that they have a lighthouse collect of wine bottles. My plan is to take them (because of course we bought two!) and make them into candle holders if I feel motivated.
So I haven’t even gotten to the section on Chatham, so you can obviously tell how much fun we had. I’ll keep Chatham brief because when I’m there I’m more like a local. We go out on the boat and go out to some islands to swim and borrow a paddleboard (ah so unstable!) from a family friend or a kayak depending on our mood. We eat fresh sea food (that’s caught by family members) and sit out on the deck all night. If we are really adventurous we’ll go downtown for shopping (everyone loves Chatham shops), buy some chocolate covered gummy bears (my favorite), catch a Chatham baseball game or go mini-golf. Need a place to eat? GO GO GO to Chatham Fish and Lobster or Kreme and Kone, you won’t be disappointed in either.
Anyway, the trip was great. Maybe next year we can experience some new things or finally make it to Nantucket. It was just great to have a week with Francis, friends and family and not have the stress of work in our minds. 🙂
Heading to the Cape soon? I have some other restaurant ideas you might be interested in 🙂


2 thoughts on “Cape Cod 2014

  1. Sweet Love and Ginger says:

    I just got chuck to try the chocolate covered gummy bears. They are my favorite too. I miss the cape. I don't think I've been since early in college. So sad!!! btw. We are looking for things to do for our mini moon next year. Is cape cod dead at the end of Sept?


  2. Melissa Kamal says:

    Hello! Yes I would go in September. My uncle actually just told me that September is better for off season in the Cape instead of the Spring. The water is warmer and the weather is better in September. There might be some lingering tourists around but nothing like the summer, it would be less crowded everywhere I would think and cheaper!


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