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I told a friend of mine to read the Outlander Series. It hasn’t been added to my book reading yet because I think I’m going to try and re-read the series before I do (it’s been awhile). Anyway, she suggested the Divergent series because I enjoyed the Hunger Games so I decided to give it a try. Anyway, I’m hooked. One of the benefits to vacation and going on vacation with your boyfriends friends is that you actually have time to read! Yay! I finished this book in 2 days maybe? Unfortunately I hadn’t picked up the rest of the series but by next week I should be able to up date you!

If you like Science Fiction but not too crazy Science Fiction you will probably like this. If you liked the Hunger Games you will definitely enjoy this. If you like books that don’t require a lot of thinking but a book that you can just read and enjoy then you will enjoy this. Want a story about a heroine? Want a story about a young man who is smart and strong? Then, like I said you would enjoy this.

Anyway, the story is about a 16 year old girl named Beatrice or Tris. Her and her family live in a faction called Abnegation. Factions were designed after a war took place to keep the peace (sound familiar? It should; Hunger Games). However each faction just has a different purpose, it’s not that one is richer than another. So like I said there is Abnegation, as well as Dauntless, Amity, Erudite, and Candor. Each stand for something else. When a person is 16 they have to take a simulation test that will tell them where they belong. After that, they are able to decide what faction they want to belong to. Most people get one faction, maybe two during their simulation but it’s rare. Some change “allegiances” and some don’t. If you change your faction, you are never allowed to have communication with your family again. If you are like Tris, you receive 3 factions in your simulation and you are considered Divergent.

However, no one will tell Tris what Divergent means except that she can’t tell anyone about it. From there the book takes off. Tris chooses a different faction and has to fight her way to the top without being noticed by the wrong people. This is the first book of the series and I am half way through the next. I even watched the movie last night! There are differences but overall I enjoyed it.

Want some other interesting news about this book? It’s all about the author Veronica Roth, she’s 26 and she has 3 books related to Divergent and 4 short stories related to Four (another main character in the books). Oh and she has a trilogy movie series that was very popular in theaters. Craziness, that’s all I have. Here’s her tumblr page: http://theartofnotwriting.tumblr.com/

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