Steak Tips

My Mother’s Steak Tips 🙂

So my mother made Francis and I some steak tips on the grill one night when we were home visiting. Francis really enjoyed them. I’ve made them for Francis in the past but I went to an AMAZING meat market in Vermont to get the meat and it was delicious. Anyway,  I asked my mother about what she uses so that I could mimic it. It was a success! Francis even said it is one thing that I always make delicious :). 
Soy Sauce
Maple Syrup or honey (I used both because I  didn’t want to run out of Maple Syrup!)
Garlic Powder
Steak Tips 
This is an overnight process so if you plan to make these, start the day before. 
I used a pan to marinate mine (which needs to be done overnight) I guess you could use a plastic bag but I followed my mom’s recipe and she used a pan
1.) Depending on how much soy sauce you use, do the same with maple syrup or honey- combine that and garlic powder together before adding the steak tips
            everything is to taste with this. 
2.) Marinate one side of each steak tip in the fridge over night, in the morning roll the steak tips over in the marinate again
3.) When you’re ready you can cook these two different ways- either on the grill or in a frying pan. It was raining when I made these so it was done in the frying pan
4.) Add butter to the frying pan on medium-high, let it melt and add the steak tips
5.) Cook to your liking. I don’t like red or pink so mine stay on longer around 15mins. 
Oh gosh, I have done so many different sides with this. I’ve made mashed potatoes (that will be a different day), salad and with the steak tips Francis cut up zucchini and summer squash and saute them in olive oil for a side. 

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