Howe Caverns

Howe Caverns
A trip down memory lane
This was a trip down memory lane for sure. I’ve been to howe caverns a few times, when I was younger and things have changed quite a bit. Anyway, if you don’t know where or what Howe Caverns is, here’s the background on it. Howe Caverns is a cave about 45mins south west (I think west) of Albany NY. It’s awesome, it’s been around forever. Anyway, you take an elevator 155 feet ish down into a cave that was founded “20 years before the Civil War”. So anyway, it’s been around for quite awhile and people have been touring it for years.
Anyway, I have been wanting to bring Francis for awhile and one of our very good friends girl friend is majoring in geological engineering so she really likes rocks to put it mildly. So we decided to take them to the lantern tour and it was totally worth it! I have actually never done the lantern tour, I’ve only gone through a traditional tour and I’m happy I’ve now seen it both ways. The lantern tour is only available at night and you need reservations. The first part of the tour is the traditional tour, you walk with a guide through the entire cavern until the very end. However on the way back, the lights are turned off and you’re walking by lantern without a guide. Don’t worry though, it has a path so you really can’t get lost. It’s suppose to give you the feel of how the founder walked through the caves for the first time. It definitely give you a new appreciation for not only that but the cave in general. I found myself examining structures differently in the dark compared to when their was light which was very interesting.
So this is the only thing we did at Howe Caverns when we went. We will be going back though. I’m going to say you could spend an entire day there if you really wanted. Not only do they have traditional and lantern tours but they also have the adventure tour. Francis wants to go back and do that so hopefully my claustrophobia doesn’t get the best of me. This tour involved being on your hands and knees for about 300ft with a head lamp and then opening up to larger caves. Since it can only be done that way there is an age limit, a different price and reservations are needed (I don’t think reservations are needed for the traditional tour). Other than that, you can go zip lining or mine some rocks if you would like.
It’s totally worth it, want more information? Head to the link below to go to their official website! Hopefully we get to the adventure tour next year, if so I’ll post again!

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