Homemade Crab Cakes- Thanks Mom!

Crab Cakes!

This is one of my boyfriends favorites. If he sees crab cakes on the menu he has to order them. Anyway, my mom and I decided to make them one night. I have no idea if she got the recipe from someone but I wouldn’t be surprised if she came up with it herself- she’s good like that. Since then, we’ve been trying to make them, on occasion. They aren’t the healthiest so it’s usually a treat when we make them. 
Crab Meat- around 16 ounces (will make 4 smaller ones or 3 larger crab cakes)
     obviously fresh crab meat is better but if it can’t be fresh, canned crab meat works too
1 egg
chopped roasted red pepper
8ish slices of bread (without crust- you might need more)
1-2Tbsp light Mayo


1.) Mix crab meat, egg, mayo, basil, parsley, garlic together
2.) once mixed, add bread, you will need to add enough bread to be able to make it into a cake
3.) Make the ingredients into a cake use your hands for this,set them aside on an plate with parchment paper
4.) once you have made the crab cakes the size you want, put them in the fridge for at 1-2hours
5.) After that, fry them up in the pan and you’re ready to eat!
6.) I usually try to find a red pepper relish to go on my crab cake, Francis puts salad dressing. Unfortunately the red pepper relish/jelly I use is one made in Vermont that I get a Farmer’s market so it won’t really help you. My advice, find something with a little spice to it 🙂

We change our sides on a regular basis, usually salad or rice goes really well this. Sometimes maybe some baked sweet potato fries. It all depends on the mood 🙂

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