Okay, so here is the last book in the Divergent Series. Readers are mixed on their reactions to this book. Once again it’s hard to write this because I don’t want to give people anything away. So let’s just go into a little bit of what happens when you first start. To start, the book is narrated in the eyes of both Tris and Tobias, each chapter seems to switch back and forth between the two. 
The book begins with a revelation that no one saw coming, while that is happening, Tobias is dealing with more of Tris’ lies to him. But don’t worry, he finds a way to disappoint her too. So while they learn about what’s beyond the wall, they also deal with what Divergence really means and what it doesn’t mean. 
Allegiant (Divergent Series #3)While Tris and Tobias are outside the wall, they are learning about the country they have been living in this whole time (the United States) while also trying to figure out how to help people within and people at their new location. It becomes difficult as it always does with these two. 
A lot of people seemed to dislike how the book continues and ends. To me, it defined what bravery is, in ways that others couldn’t. It also shows what it means to find yourself and know what to do with that revelation. Love is described in ways that others may not think and not just with Tris and Tobias but with Tobias’ mother as well. Was it what I wanted to have happen? No- but what was great about it is that it was something different, something other books like it hasn’t done. 
You may not enjoy this book, maybe you will be on the opposite side of my opinion. That’s okay but I would love to know what you thought about it! The best part about writing these little descriptions is that I hope it will start a discussion in some way or another. 
Here’s a link to my favorite barnes and noble for more information 🙂

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