Winter’s Tale

Okay, so my reasoning for reading this book just like so many others is because I saw that there was a movie coming out based off of this novel. What made it better than that? One of the lead characters was going to be played by an actress that was in Downton Abbey! I couldn’t think of a reason why not to read this book before seeing a movie that had previews that I could not wait to see. Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to see the movie yet so this one have any comparison between the two. I have also read that the movie doesn’t follow the novel very much. you can take that as you may once you have finished reading this.
Synopsis: Winter’s tale takes place in New York, mainly New York city and is about a time completely different from anything we have seen before. It’s also very mythical. It’s a story about Peter Lake and his white horse, a girl he’s in love with Beverly Penn and the people who surround them both in a rewarding and not so rewarding way. Here’s more of a link to what the novel is about: Mark Helprin
This book was ok. I can see how people would love it, there’s a story line; many actually. All showing the different lives people may have and how one decision or life event can alter you story for the rest of time. If you want a love story and a novel that’s sophisticated this is probably for you.

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