Dierk’s Bentley 2014!

Dierk’s Bentley 2014!
To the things I believe in
My faith, your love, our freedom
To the things I can count on
To keep me going strong
Yeah, I hold on
“I Hold On”, Dierk’s Bentley
So I am a very big music fan. Especially when it comes to country music. I usually go to SPAC but was unable to get to a concert there this summer. Another important fact, I have a bucket list going of who I need to see in concert. On that list (and who can be checked off now) was Dierk’s Bentley. I have been a huge fan of Dierks for awhile now. I find his demeanor very “country” and I love it. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to Gillette Stadium to see him with Luke Bryan but luckily he came to where I’m living and I’m lucky enough to have a boyfriend who would not only go with me but bought the tickets as a birthday present :). 

I was a little nervous about bringing Francis because there are a few songs that Dierks sings that he doesn’t like. My hope was that since he has SO many albums (at least 5) that he would only play his really popular ones. And that’s exactly what he did! Which was great because Francis really got into it. It’s the first time he’s ever clapped along at a concert that I’ve gone to with him- so right there means this guy must have been entertaining! He really was, he also connected with the audience a lot. This might be because he lived in the town for a year so he knew a lot about the are and wasn’t afraid to let us know how thankful he was when he lived up here. He brought two different people on stage (one fan to shot gun a beer with, the other to let her dance around stage while he sang) so the entertainment factor was there for sure. Musically he was fantastic, he’s a true country singer. The set was most of his upbeat, happy feeling, party songs but he did do some of his serious songs. What I REALLY enjoyed was that he mixed it up. I hate when artists have a set list that includes 5 of their slower songs in a row. It doesn’t matter how good the slower songs are, you don’t want us to get a little bored especially if it’s at the end of the show. 

Anyway, I’ve seen a lot of artists, last year I went to 4-5 concerts in a week. I would say that Dierks falls in my top 5 artists to see in total. 

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