I’ve already talked about my trip to Chincoteague Island in Virginia. It was great but there were so many pictures taken during that time that it was going to be hard to keep it straight. So we decided to compile all 500+ photos that we took and I would make a photo book that we could have as a keepsake (perfect Christmas present idea!). My cousins use shutterfly quite a bit when they go on their European trips, so between that and a coupon for two books at 8.99, I couldn’t go wrong. I’ve never used something like this before so I was nervous that it was going to be very difficult. It was a piece of cake.

The website is super user friendly, everything is in your platform, it’s really easy to upload pictures and put them where you want. They have themed photo albums, or you can make your own. They have a ton of different page layouts as well for your photos depending on what you are looking for. The only downfall to using Shutterfly was just that I had too many photos to choose from but otherwise it was perfect. The books arrived within a week (which is great if you need them sooner rather than later) and there are so many other options than just photo books. I will definitely be using it for other Christmas ideas. You can make calendars with your person photos (mom’s office!) magnets for the fridge (ok, I just want one) and photo prints. What else is great is that when you order a book you get a coupon for 10$ off (obviously there is a expiration date but still) and every time I go on the website I find more and more coupons to help offset the prices. The prices by the way are reasonable. 
My books came out perfectly so I can’t tell you what their customer service is like unfortunately but I would definitely recommend the site if you have just gone on a vacation, or for a wedding/special occasion. It was perfect and I have one more book to order! 

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