Sunset Cruise on Lake Champlain

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For all of you people that live in Northern Vermont and Up-Upstate New York, you don’t have a lot of luck with groupon. It just seems as if groupon doesn’t reach our “neck of the woods”. Have no fear! There is another site that can be used that’s just like groupon. When I first moved up this way, I was really upset by the fact that I wouldn’t be able to take advantage of all of the great things groupon has to offer. That was until coworkers told me about JumpOnIt. It’s mainly for Northern VT and the Plattsburgh NY area, it has deals on all different type of things but also has some getaways as well. So essentially it’s like groupon but a little smaller. So I signed up for their daily email (as should you if you ever think you will be having some adventures in the area) and voila I found something I wanted to do. I mean, of course I did, it didn’t take very long, the longest part was convincing Frank to go with me. Anyway the jumponit deal was for a sunset cruise around Lake Champlain with the Spirit of Ethan Allen. I’m posting the link because there are SO many different cruises you can choose from! I wish I had known and I probably wouldn’t have gotten the jumponit deal because it didn’t come with all those fancy features. 
Anyway, the cruise itself was very nice, picturesque views of Vermont and the Adirondacks, it could be a ride with a bunch of friends or a romantic date night, whichever you prefer. The cruise company itself has a bunch of different options for food, including a dinner while you enjoy the view. It’s obviously more expensive and our jumponit deal didn’t include that, but they did have a cash bar and snack options as well as a “Picnic” option which was really a romantic-type setting. Since we went in the fall, the hours were a little different. The only downfall to the sunset cruise was that it got dark so fast that all of a sudden we couldn’t see anything anymore. At the point I was about ready to get off.  Don’t get me wrong though I enjoyed it and was happy to be able to find time to actually do it. I’ve wanted to do one of these for so long in Lake George but I think the view on Lake Champlain might be better. I would totally recommend to anyone to try and get on one of these any time during the day and from either side- Burlington or Plattsburgh. I definitely plan on bringing my family on this on one of their visits!

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