The Night Circus

The Night Circus

The Night Circus
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So this novel has been out for awhile and it has been at least a year since I’ve wanted to read it. Other things have come up, other series that I got hooked on and other books that I had in my bookcase for awhile that I felt like needed to be read before I bought another novel. However, this was one novel that was always in the back of mind- I didn’t shrug it off, it was on my list and I finally read it!
Anyway, enough of my rambling on about how I didn’t get to read it as soon as I would have liked but on to what the novel is about. It’s about two people when they are very young who get bound together not by choice. They essentially have to compete against each other – the circus and all the people within the circus is the stage for their competition. Celia is chosen by her father, a magician when she is 6 and Marco is adopted by an “acquaintance” of Celia’s father in his teens to be part of the challenge. They are bound by a magical ring and really have no idea why it means. All they know is that they are part of a competition that will reveal itself to them in good time and they are to do magic in a way that people will think it’s not real. The competition will go on until there is a winner. But what happens when they find out who their competition is and what the competition means in the end? Well you will have to read to find out :). 
At first, this book was a disappointment, I couldn’t get into it but once I hit a certain point within the book I couldn’t really put it down. It took me awhile to understand why some chapters were skipping ahead to different years and bringing in characters that you weren’t really sure was part of the whole story. If you start to feel like that, keep with it- by the end everything will make sense. I would definitely recommend this novel, at first I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get through it but how the story unravels and comes back together is definitely something worth while. That is, as long as you like a little mystery and magic. 

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