Four: A Divergent Collection

Four: A Divergent Collection

Hey guys! Lucky for you this book was quick and easy so you have two posts from me in the same week. Anyway, Four: A Divergent Collection is comprised of short stories or novella’s about one of the characters- Tobias, as well as some of Tobias’ point of views on scenes he had with Tris in the actual Divergent series. 
There are so many different reasons why I enjoyed this collection of stories. To start with, I loved the character Tobias so I of course needed to read up on him and to see things in the eyes of his character which Veronica Roth was so nice to do for us. Fun fact, the story was supposed to be based solely on Tobias at first which is probably why Veronica Roth decided to have these short stories. In the Divergent series, Tobias is such a powerful character yet he’s still mysterious. I found him to still be mysterious at the end because I never really got a sense of who he was before he joined the faction he chose. These short stories supply us with that knowledge. At first I was skeptical because I thought the entire collection was going to be about Tobias- the character we meet in Divergent and I wasn’t sure if I was ready to handle that. To my surprise it was the total opposite. Actually for the most part, it didn’t really overlap until the end. Therefore we got to see more of why Tobias left, and why he chose where he did and what his growth was like over those two years before Divergent picks up. If you were a fan of the Divergent series then I recommend you pick this up, if you haven’t read Divergent yet and are considering it I would pick this up and maybe even read it first. 
Here’s a link to learn more at Barnes and Noble
I just started reading the next in A Game of Thrones so it will probably be awhile until I blog about anything like that for you guys. However I have some other things to write about- check back in in a few weeks for a movie review, what it was like hosting Thanksgiving for the first time and a mid-year review of how the Barnes and Noble membership is going so far!

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