Appetizers & Drinks

Appetizers & Drinks

My mother saw raw veggies that together made up a turkey. I don’t really see it but the rest of my family and friends seem to notice the turkey. We had this as an appetizer while we watched the first football game of the day. And yes, my family loves football so we continue that Thanksgiving tradition. We also had some cheese and crackers and hummus to help keep us over while we waited for our food to finish cooking. It was a good thing we had this- otherwise we all would have possibly starved! 
Displaying IMG_20141107_173322.jpgFor a specialty drink, I had found this recipe on Pinterest from TheWholesomeDish. We made it one day and then my boyfriend had bought some whiskey so we added the whiskey to the drink as well. It might be one of my favorite fall drinks ever. In the picture to the right, we also used Apple Wine instead of what the recipe calls for, which is a Pinot Grigio (however we have used Pinot Grigio before). Anyway, the first time we made this we followed the recipe pretty close to a T except we added some whiskey to it and didn’t put the apples in it. We did however do all of it for Thanksgiving to make it a little more festive. We used 4 cups of cider, added the wine and whatever we had left was for the vodka and whiskey. The greatest thing about this drink is that it asks for so much cider so it’s not very strong. The perfect drink for everyone in my opinion. 

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