Desserts: Pie and Apple Cheesecake


CranApple Pie The first thing that was brought was pie from my mother. This was not made by her but bought however it’s such a great little place in Charlton NY that I wanted to let you all know about it regardless. To get to their website follow the link for Smith’s Orchard & Bake Shop. The pies are delicious, you can buy them frozen too so that you can have them for later. We buy them frozen a lot but mainly because it’s for Shriner’s Hospital Charity when we do it that way. 
Displaying IMG_20141130_132703763_HDR.jpgApple Caramel Cheesecake So if you can’t tell, I love apples for the fall, almost everything that I have talked about so far as apples in it and really I’m okay with that. One of the best things about this dessert is that it can be made early, so I made it the night before. To make this awesome cheesecake, I cheated and pre-made graham cracker crust. I know, pathetic. Don’t worry I have actually made the crust before and it’s so annoying that I only do it when I have a lot of time on my hands, and Thanksgiving unfortunately was not one of those times. The recipe I’m showing is a mixture of a bunch of different ones and from memory, I make cheesecake a lot because it’s probably my and Francis’ favorite dessert. As you can see I have in “or what you like to your taste” that’s because I usually put more vanilla extract then needed. Here’s the recipe for cheesecake if you are using a graham cracker crust:
– 2 packages of 8 oz cream cheese (soften)
– 1 tsp of vanilla extract (or what you like to your taste)
– 2 eggs
– 1/2 cup of white sugar (or what you like to your taste)
– 6-8 apples chopped into small pieces
– 1 Tbsp cinnamon
– 1 Tbsp white sugar
– Caramel sauce melted
1.) Turn oven on to 350 degrees
2.) Mix the softened cream cheese and sugar together, add each egg and beat until smooth. 
3.) Add the vanilla extract and combine
4.) Add the cheesecake filling to your graham cracker crust
5.) Combine the chopped apples, cinnamon and sugar together
6.) Add the apple mixture to the top of the cheesecake filling
7.) Drizzle the caramel sauce to the top of the cheesecake
8.) Bake for at least 40 minutes and then check every once in awhile to make sure the filling is cooked
9.) Let it cool and refrigerate until served. 
At some point I hope to try this from All Recipes. I know someone who has made it and it was delicious. If you give it a try let me know how it is :). 

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