Okay, so I love squash. I actually have some left over and hope to make some soup in the near future that I can provide a recipe for as well. I promise I will also include a picture. I know it’s probably not as exciting to make something if there isn’t a picture. You have no idea if the recipe actually looks good to make. I love pictures, so I’m a little sad I didn’t provide you guys with as many as you need. I’m starting to think of goals for next year and one of them is to take more pictures- pictures of everything so hopefully that will help. Okay, I rambled a bit, here is the recipe!


– Butternut Squash; you can either buy it already cut (which is what we did) or not and cute it up yourself. it doesn’t matter. If you cute it up yourself, cut it into cubes
– Brown sugar or cinnamon
– Butter

1.) Add the butternut squash to a pan and turn on medium
2.) Cook and stir until the squash is tender
3.) Add the butter, and mash the squash up
4.) Add the brown sugar or cinnamon and mash again

If this is complete before everything else, put it on the stove just to keep it warm, the stove doesn’t need to be on but cover it and keep it warm.

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