A Clash of Kings

I was on instagram the other day and I follow a bunch of different Game of Thrones profiles. One of them had posted a picture that said: “If someone suggested these books to you: (all 5 of the game of thrones books) They either really love you or want to see you suffer ( find them on instagram: gameofthronenotofficial).

I’m starting this post with that because I feel like that is the perfect example of how you might feel reading these books. There are also so many different ways to interpret it, for me- I’m interpreting the second book as just being too long. That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it, there have been times when I can’t even finish a book because of how much I dislike it. So let’s start there, I didn’t dislike this book but I don’t think it was the right one for me to read during the holidays- I needed something that was easier to read I think. A book where I could pick it up and put it down when I wanted, one that maybe was a little more lighthearted. Game of Thrones Song of Ice and Fire series is not one of those, but that’s my own fault so alas I’ll give more a review on the actual book; A Clash of Kings.

So where do I start without giving away spoilers, this book begins where the first left off. The families Lannister and Stark are trying to keep their families alive and figure out who they can trust in such a dire time. Daenarys is still looking for her way out in order to be brought home and we start to meet some new characters, all who are loyal to someone and their beliefs. So essentially, everyone is trying to find themselves and their place in the war of worlds. Families have been torn apart and while some are trying to avenge the death of loved ones, others are trying to bring their family back together.

Yes there is still war, death (lots of death), love, distrust among all (even family members!), suspicion and mischief. There are characters you will like and characters that you won’t like. For me, the first book was all about the Starks more so than any other family. Which meant that I had favorites of them going into the second but while I read this one I found that I had favorites of other characters as well (while still hating the others). You finally get a better understanding of the characters that will be around for more than one book in this one.If you like the T.V. series you will probably enjoy these books, I enjoy getting to know the characters better and in a different light. A character I despise in the T.V. show I actually don’t mind in the book. I guess it’s the different interpretation, the actress and the what we as readers experience in writing that can’t really be portrayed in the show.

The book ends with a little cliffhanger but a cliffhanger that isn’t one that will probably make you angry. It also helps that there are 3 books after this one already out in print so you don’t have to wait. What I like about the writing is that near the end you have an idea of where all the central characters are. You might not know exactly but you don’t end the book thinking “wait, it’s been 200 pages since ‘whoever’ and I can’t remember what happened to them.” Which I really like.

I’m going to take a break from reading the series for a bit but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t recommend it. If you like fantasy and don’t mind war, blood, disloyalty, mischief, suspicion and love I would definitely give this a try. As always, click the link from Amazon  for more information.

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