Gone Girl

As you have all probably realized, a lot of books that I read coincide with a movie that’s out there. Granted, there are many books I have read BEFORE it becomes a movie, this is not one of them. The movie had a lot of press, I heard from others who read it that they enjoyed the book. Unfortunately I am not one of them. I don’t normally consider selling back a book but this is one that I really don’t feel like I would read again. Before I go into why I wasn’t a fan let me give the back story about the plot.

Gone Girl (Movie Tie-In Edition)Nick and Amy live in NYC, they are happily married until life gets in the way. Things happen and instead on relying on each other they do exactly the opposite. They leave NYC to Nick’s hometown in Missouri to take care of his ailing parents and everything gets worse. Amy doesn’t like the life she has there and she doesn’t like the Nick she has, she wants her husband to be her ideal husband and it’s not working. Then one day, on their 5th wedding anniversary Amy disappears. It looks like a struggle has occurred, there is blood all over the house– Nick, the husband is the prime suspect and there really isn’t anything he can do. All he can do is beg for his wife’s return, regardless of if he really wants that or not. Will he get that? Will he go to jail? What will happen to both Nick and Amy’s lives and how will everyone involved being able to move forward?
Anyway, it had some good parts and then it had some not so good parts. The beginning was slow, and when I say slow, I mean slow. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to finish it. The only reason why I wanted to finish it was because Francis (and I, I can’t kid myself) want to rent the movie at some point. The first 100 pages (at least) were super boring……
Don’t fret! It picked up! I FINALLY got into it! I was even EXCITED, I glanced at chapters I hadn’t gotten to just because. I was REALLY into it..to an extent but then it got somewhat predictable and I wasn’t a fan again. 
The relationship with Amy and Nick is one that is hard to explain. For me, it became a relationship that many people might be afraid will happen in their own. Their aren’t leaning on each other for support, in fact they are doing the opposite and it’s breaking them slowly and its getting worse. If it was going to be a mystery I wish it wasn’t as crazy, wild and twisted all around with its plot and new findings. 
I found the ending just the same– is that it? Is that really how it’s going to end? That was not what I would have wanted or expected.. so there you have it. Click the picture to get more information!

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