Costa Rican Wildlife

One of the great things about Costa Rica and renting a house is that the wildlife you get to see is very different compared to a tourist. Below are pictures of the different wildlife that we saw while we were there. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to capture a geico, lizard or scorpion but INo automatic alt text available. think you get the picture.

Alright, so just about every morning we were woken up by these little critters. They are called Howler Monkeys. Honestly, they sounded like dogs or wolves howling/barking in a group. What I thought was funny was that they didn’t care AT ALL about us being there and taking pictures of them. We could walk around them, take pictures, and get pretty close and they didn’t seem to mind, which I thought was pretty cool. We thought that maybe by the end of the week we would be sick of the monkeys, we were wrong. I definitely miss waking up to them rather than an alarm!

No automatic alt text available.

While walking through Monteverde (which I’ll get to in another post) we were lucky enough to see the National bird of Guatemala or QuetzalThe bird sort of blended in with the scenery but luckily for me I not only have a pretty awesome camera but I also have a great photographer in my boyfriend. He got some awesome shots, the one below is my favorite of them all. The next animal we saw was a Coati. They are cute and pretty much look like a raccoon here but actually, I think they are cuter. Anyway, it was really hard to get a picture of them, they are fast and move a lot but luckily while we were on our hike in the national park we were able to get a pretty good shot of one near the water. What a great way to end not only the day but the end of the vacationNo automatic alt text available.

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