Welcome to Monteverde! Okay, I’m lying a bit– this was on the way back from Monteverde. How gorgeous is this right? It was amazing, possibly the best view we saw all week. However, the ride up and back was a little scary, luckily Francis is a fantastic driver. The road was all dirt and rocky, it was very high and a very small/skinny road. Anyway, I needed to show this to you guys before we actually jumped in to the reasoning for our trip (other than coffee) to Monteverde.

Anyway, we actually went there for the Monteverde Cloud Forest. Basically, it’s so high up you’re in the clouds and the rainforest all at once. The other cool thing? It’s actually cool. The weather was about 70 which was perfect when the rest of the week you were in 100 degree weather. Once I heard there would be a view and a waterfall I was in. The forest has a bunch of different hikes to it, you can hike to the bridge (on your right), you can hike to a waterfall (on your left) or you can hike to an overlook (below). As you can see, Francis and I are fast walkers, we were the only two to go to every location in the amount of time we had to do it. It was worth it, hiking/walking through green trails that you won’t even get to see in Vermont to be as green, with birds singing the entire time. To be honest, they almost sounded like the birds from the hunger games singing along.

The drive for us was 3 hours long. Yes it was long but I think if you really want to do it, you can. The Don Jaun Coffee, Chocolate and Sugar Cane store was also in Monteverde so we were lucky enough to make it to both in the same day so it was definitely worth it!

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