The Girl on a Train

It’s been awhile since the last time I wrote a book review and I apologize for that. I’ve been trying to read so many different books at once and Game of Thrones is killing me at the moment that I just haven’t had a lot of reading time. Anyway during the month of May I read “The Girl on A Train”. I’m going to keep this pretty short, if you enjoyed Gone Girl, you will probably enjoy this one.
The Girl on the Train
Alright, so the book has two main characters- Rachel and Megan. In fact, the book’s chapters switch between these two throughout the story. Though these two characters have never met in the books they become connected all because Rachel on her way into London on her daily train ride sees something that she shouldn’t have seen. Something that will change her in ways that she didn’t think imaginable. What she saw on the train that day is Megan sitting on her porch in her home watching the train go by. Obviously there is more to it than that but I don’t want to give it away in case you do want to read it! The book has mystery but to me, that’s about it.

 As we all know, I wasn’t a fan of Gone Girl so I wasn’t a fan of this one. Though I will admit this, it didn’t take me as long to read it. The problem is that I couldn’t find one character in the entire book that was worth rooting for or even liking. I mean there were some that I wanted to have see their happy ending but at the same point I didn’t care that much to see it happen. I am also sick of reading books that are about broken relationships (spoiler) and that’s how the Gone Girl and now The Girl on a Train is like. So there’s that too.

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