Halfway through the Year

It’s half way through the year so it’s time for me to figure out where I stand on my goals for the year and what still needs some progress (probably all of them). So here was my list in the beginning of the year;

1.) Pay off at least one student loan: this is something that I’ve been trying to do for a few years and I never do the math right so I’m hoping I can have one pay off early 2015. Yes! Gosh it feels good, even if I still have a long way to go!

2.) Cook at least one meal a week: I’m really spoiled, my boyfriend cooks just about every night of the week. I would like to try cooking one meal a week for us, especially so I can be creative. I only bake but baking isn’t all the time. Yeah…so about this. I kind of forgot about it so I just started. It’s getting better though! If I don’t cook something on my own, I’m trying to get in the kitchen more when dinner is being cooked, even if it’s just to cut some veggies.

3.) Start going back to Church: I used to go to church all the time before I moved and I haven’t gone since. I think I need that spiritual element back in my life. Ugh not at all

4.) Take more pictures- I want to remember memories and to do that I need pictures. Slowly but surely this is starting to happen. It’s difficult when your boyfriend HATES taking pictures :-p

5.) Talk about my feelings: no worries, not to you guys! This has gotten so much better. It isn’t where I want/need it to be yet but it’s a work in progress. Something I have always had trouble doing.

6.) Read at least 10 books next year: I have no idea how many I did read but I hope to read at least that, some of my book series are really long so I think this is a good goal. This was going really strong and then I find a T.V. show you may have all heard aboutanyway, that has made reading a little difficult recently (also having a hard time finding a book I’ve been into)

7.) Workout more consistently. I do workout, but I think my workout regimen (see post from a few days ago) too “crazy” for the time and commitment that I have. I’ve been going through slumps with this but I think overall I’m pretty happy with where I am. I think Barre is really going to help.

8.) Find a place to volunteer: once again, another thing that I used to do before I moved that I no longer do and something that I feel like I should get back into. Nope not a all

9.) Be a better friend: I feel like my friends and I don’t talk as much as we used to now that I’ve moved and I think that having that happen again will be better for me, especially since I don’t have any friends in the new state that I live in. So, I’m slowly getting better at this. The great thing about a few of my friends is we can go a long time without talking and nothing changes. Then there are some where we might not talk again, that happens though so I understand. I think I’ve been in communication with my friends more often than before. My problem is that they all live soo far away so I need to also make some new friends!

10.) Save more money: I don’t know what, all I know is that I should shop less and save more.

Things I’m hoping for this summer? Hiking, Biking, Climbing, Reading. How are your resolutions going?

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