Things I’ve learned about donating my hair

Hey everyone! You’ve probably all heard of people who have donated their hair to help make wigs for people in need. This is my second time doing so! I didn’t have a blog the last time I donated my hair so I thought it was important to tell you about it all now that I’ve donated it again.

First of all, you need a lot. At least 8 inches of hair. So it takes awhile, the last time I donated was probably a few years ago and I didn’t have it long enough until now to cut it again. Second, there are a TON of different organizations that you can donate to. I’m going to go through them all briefly below.

1.) Pantene Beautiful Lengths: So this is the one I did, which is why I gave you the link for it. They only require 8 inches (can’t be layered, can have some grey hair) and they have a a deal with the American Cancer Society, which is exactly why I chose them. I do Relay for Life and I really love with the American Cancer Society does so I really wanted to continue to contribute.

2.) Wigs for Kids– they are great if you have 12 inches of hair (I didn’t). Unlike Pantene Beautiful Lengths they donate to children who have lost their hair. Pantene is specific to adults/teenagers.

3.) Locks of Love is the most popular and well known organizations that donate hair. BUT they charge people for their wigs AND if they don’t use some of your hair for wigs they sell it for hair extensions. So basically, they are making a profit off of your donation. They are also in a lawsuit for not using all of the hair they get as a donation. Lawsuit.

So there you have it! Those are my takes on some of the more popular organizations that you can donate our hair to. I’ve been trying to find an organization that does it for lupus– anyone know of one?!?

Anyone else donate? Or thinking about it? I hope this helped!

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