The Martian

I haven’t posted about books in awhile. I know, I know– I’m sorry. I’ve been really busy, life has gotten crazy but enough excuses! This blog isn’t about my life and what’s been going on with it– this blog is about books! So here we go!

I have FINALLY found a novel this year that I could not put down! I FINALLY found a character that I loved. It only took me more than half the year, but I was finally about to find what I think will be my favorite book of the year– The Martian by Andy Weir. Also– it’s coming out as a movie, with Matt Damon in the October.

Alright, you probably want a little synopsis if you haven’t heard about it. You will meet Mark Watney, a mechanical engineer/botanist who is going to Mars with other astronauts for NASA. Something goes terribly wrong once they get to Mars and it Mark Watney ends up being left behind and has to find out how to live on Mars for 4 years before someone can rescue him. Why did I like this? I liked Mark Watney, I rooted for him, his personality and character to me was fantastic. He’s also really smart and the science behind the book really kept me interested. You went through him building things for travel and making resources for survival. The book also shows not only what it means to really survive but also what everyone else will do make sure you stay alive.

I’ve read 7 books so far this year and The Martian is my favorite so far (besides for a book I may have re-read). Check out the trailer from youtube below and as always click on the link to see what other people have to say about the Martian!

Has anyone read this yet? I only know one other person that has and they loved it as well!

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