Fall in Vermont

Finally! I’ve been living in Vermont for some time now and I haven’t had the luxury to really see the fall that I see in pictures of this place…until yesterday. We hiked Mt. Elmore which is just about on the line of the Northeast Kingdom in Vermont and it was fantastic. I finally felt like I saw the foliage here that I’ve been waiting for. All of the pictures below were taken with my cell phone by the way, can you just imagine what it would have looked like if I was lucky enough to have my camera?

Anyway, we hiked Mt. Elmore, in Morrisville , VT. It’s north of Stowe so be prepared to drive, it’s not one found in the more popular areas of Vermont. It’s a state park so there is a fee to drive/hike/spend the day there. It was only 4$ a person though so nothing crazy. It also has a beach (for when the weather is good) and camp areas if you feel like doing that. The hike itself has two different routes you can do- the ridgeline which is about 2.2 miles and the tower trail (1.2 miles).

The ridgeline has more views and isn’t as steep as the tower trail. Both make it to the tower sooner or later and the tower is where you want to be. Its a few flights up but the view is ridiculous. You’re above the treeline and you can literally see a 360 view which is amazing. On a windy day, I don’t know if I would walk up it but on a day like yesterday there is no way you shouldn’t go up there!

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