Finger Lakes

Well, I’m almost to 2,000 views on this blog so let’s cheer to that while talking about my weekend trip to the Finger Lakes with my girls a weekend ago. It was a lot of fun and there was wine involved which is even better! Why do we like doing this, other than it being fun? The tastings are cheap! Most of the wineries charge about 3-4 dollars for 5-6 wine to taste.

Okay, so– what are the finger lakes? They are lakes in Central New York with beautiful scenes, hiking, and a cheese, wine, and beer trail. We mainly did the wine trail this time around on Cayuga Lake. This is not the first time I’ve been to Cayuga Lake for some wine tasting but I’m only going to talk about the wineries we saw this time around.

Where we stayed: We stayed in Ithaca, New York. It wasn’t our first choice, in fact we had wanted to stay on the lake but couldn’t find a place. We did not stay in a hotel but rather did airbnb. It was awesome, it was a cute little cabin with enough beds for us all, a kitchen and living room. It was my first time doing this but it was great. I would just recommend really introducing yourself when you try and get a reservation.

Where we went: 
Americana Vineyards  was the last winery we went to (see the tasting room picture). It was really awesome. The decor inside was great, it was all halloween themed and it looked like they had a spot for live music and dancing. The wine was also good, in fact it probably had the best red wine we found on the trip. I would definitely recommend trying it if you’re near the southern section of the lake.

Lucas Vineyards  is one that no matter when I go, I always find something I want. The bottles are fun, the wine is cheap and they have a lot of different flavors. I can honestly say that I always come away with at least a bottle.

Six Mile Creek was our first stop of the day. Though it wasn’t my favorite, I still ended buying 3 bottles (They were having a sale, I swear)! Though it was closer to Ithaca and where we were staying, it was still really pretty. If it hadn’t been such a gloomy day- the fall leaves would have been gorgeous. If you want, you can try some of their hard liquor at Six Mile Creek as well.

Bellwether Hard Cider was not our favorite of the trip. I don’t know if it was me and my love for Vermont cider or what, but it was a little too bubbly- I probably won’t return to this one.

Frontenac Point Vineyard was so pretty! If the day had been better I would have been sitting outside having some wine. The wine was also delicious. I bought a bottle and even though they had some other good ones, I reserved myself for all the other wineries we still had to go to!

This was the main places we went. There were a few more, a cidery and a cheese tasting farm that we also went to. All were delicious and I’d recommend a trip to any of the finger lakes in NY if you enjoy wine, beer or cheese!


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