Shadow of Night

This is the second book in the All Soul’s Trilogy and continues where the story from a Discovery of Witches leaves off. Diana and Matthew are going back in time in order to find their missing book and help Diana master her witchcraft. (Click the book picture in order to get to the book link).

The two character travel back to London during the Elizabeth time. Diana is thrilled to see a time period that she could only imagine but things quickly turn difficult for both her and Matthew. While Diana is trying to fit in and get the help she needs, Matthew is dealing with the struggle that he is not the same person who was originally there. I thought this one was okay. The vivid descriptions that captured me in the first book was still there. I  could even imagine being there and that’s something I look for when reading. However, I wasn’t as thrilled with it as the first one. A Discovery Witches didn’t have as many ups and downs as this one did. There were times when I couldn’t put it down and there were times when I could. With that said, I never actually thought about giving it up and I plan to read the last book in the series. For two reasons: the ending made me want to in the second one and because I can’t give up now!

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