The Book of Life

Alright guys, I finished. the All Soul’s Trilogy! As you can see, I posted about the second book last week and I finished the 3rd and last one already. That’s how good it was. So much better than the second…I could actually re-read this series now that I know how great the third book is. That’s always the case though, right? When you’re reading a series, there is usually one book in the bunch that you don’t like as much. Anyway, let’s get on to the third and final book.

The Book of Life (Signed Book) (All Souls Trilogy #3)

The book above is the reason why I decided to read this series. I’m not kidding, it wasn’t the story, it wasn’t the ratings that people gave it. It was the book, something about this book that kept calling to me when I stepped into Barnes and Noble and browsed the shelves. Which is really ironic since the first book starts because a witch named Diana finds a magical book that people have been looking for, for centuries — and all she did was ask for it and it found her. Anyway, the third book takes Diana and Matthew back to present time to search for the people trying to destroy their lives, try to understand why they are different- witch and vampire and what the book of life will teach them about past creatures. All of this while they try and protect their families! Do they survive? Do they find the book of life and all it’s secrets? You will just have to read to find out!

This one was very fast paced for me, I didn’t want to put it down. I found myself going to the gym and biking just so I could keep reading. It’s a bit longer than the other two page wise but it didn’t seem any longer, it actually felt shorter. If you like the first book in this series, I would say just get through the second because the third is worth it.

(As always, click the book to see more descriptions and reviews from my favorite place– Barnes and Noble)

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