Career of Evil

The third of 5 in the Cormoran Strike series was released in October. I wanted to finish my other series before I started this one otherwise I think it would have been done sooner.

 The Silkworm (Cormoran Strike Series #2)

 (click the book for more info)

So, if you don’t know about the other two here is a little synopsis of the series. Cormoran Strike is an ex military detective who barely gets by but is good at his job. The cops don’t like him because he’s better at his job than they are. He’s already solved two major cases with the help from his assistant Robin. She’s still fairly new but helps him get the job done. They compliment each other one could say. This book follows their story as a new murder mystery has start, except this one is directly about Strike and Robin and is a serial killer. Will they be able to stop the man before it’s too late?

The mystery had a really good twist to it. I wasn’t expecting it at all
The read is like the other two fun, light and not too complicated

It took 400+ pages to finally figure out the killer, probably 100 pages too long
The will they won’t they (personal problems) got too much

For some reason the middle book of any series isn’t my favorite. This one, though it was darker and had more suspense I didn’t find it as entertaining as the first two. If you’ve read the other two though I wouldn’t skip this one regardless and it didn’t deter me from being excited for the next one.

Anyone read this series? If not, what have you been reading? I don’t know what to do next!

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