Ice Castle, NH

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My mom has been wanting to go to the Ice Castles in NH for awhile. Now, before I go into whether or not it was fun, let’s start by explaining what it is. First- Ice Castle, NH is done by an organization and is done in other areas of the country. Those locations change yearly. Last year there were some in Vermont and Utah. It’s hand made for the most part, it’s just a lot of icicles that made a little fortress. Tickets are hard to come by, you have to buy in advance and once you buy them it’s hard to change the time. You also have to buy them for each person who is going so it’s a pain if someone can’t go (that happened to us). They very rarely let you buy tickets there so make sure you have them before you go!

The one we went to was in Lincoln, NH. To start, I’ve never been to Lincoln and going for the day provided me with enough to want to go back in the Spring/Summer or Fall to do some hiking in their gorgeous mountain ranges. So if you’ve never been there, this is my recommendation to go and go as soon as you can. Not only is it gorgeous but there are cute little restaurants and shops throughout the towns. I’m hoping to convince Francis that we need to go and go soon.No automatic alt text available.

So now, the castles. They were “nice”. Don’t get me wrong, if I had gone at night or not gone on the coldest day of the year I might have had a different opinion. I was hoping for an actual castle, but as I stated before, that wasn’t what it was. Was it pretty? Yes, would I have loved to climb through the tunnels on a warmer day? Yes probably. Would I drive far to go there for a day trip? No. If you were going to make it a weekend, then I would have told you to make sure you go check it out, but otherwise I don’t know if I’d go back just for a day. Luckily, I live only 2 hours away from it, so it wasn’t a very long drive.

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Have you been? If so, have you been at night? That’s when it looks amazing. Though I might not have loved the castles as much as I was hoping, it was still family/girls day and it was fun for the purpose of the day 🙂

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