Red Queen

Red Queen is another Divergent/Hunger Games thriller. It’s a young adult series by Viictoria Aveyard. I was looking once again for a series that I could read. This one popped up, I can’t even remember why. I think it was because of good old Barnes and Noble that talked about upcoming books. In fact, I finished the first one and thought the second one was ALREADY out and it wasn’t, so I waited patiently for February for when I could get my hands on it! 
Red Queen (Red Queen Series #1)Red Queen is about a young girl named Mare who has red blood and no trace of being ‘special’ in the yes of her world. The Silvers have special features, they can make fire, forge things into metal, and play with people’s minds at their will. Each has a different ability that makes them different from the rest, especially the reds. Mare becomes a servant for the royal king and queen by the Prince (though she doesn’t know that at first). While there, she falls into electricity and doesn’t die. It’s the first time a red has shown any kind of power that Silvers may have. This leads to danger, the Royal family doesn’t know what to do so they pretend she is a Silver that no one knew about and forces her to agree to marry the youngest Prince. Meanwhile, Mare is working with people to try and take the Royal family and the Kingdom down because of the way they treat the reds as unequal. What happens when the Kingdom realizes what she is? What happens when the Queen has had enough, and what happens when Mare realizes there are more like her out there that could be saved and join a rebellion to free her people from a life of misery? You have to read to find out! Even I do, there are three books in this series!
That’s a little synopsis of the story line. What I liked about it, is that it’s a quick lead and interesting. I liked Divergent, I liked Hunger Games and I liked this. There are a few similarities, such as a love triangle (as always) but I found it less immature like Hunger Games and more adult like Divergent (even though Divergent didn’t have a love triangle).

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