Pinnacle, Mountain

Alright so it’s summer, and that means Francis and I are getting back into the whole hiking thing. Sooner, rather than later. With us leaving the good old VT for NY, we have a ton of hiking to do before we leave in August. Don’t get me wrong, we still plan to visit friends and family here but there are some mountains we want to get done before we move.

Goal for next year: Adirondacks.

Anyway, VT has some really fantastic hikes. We just haven’t done them all. So, we’re going to start doing ones that we haven’t done before and we want to do the highest peaks. So far, we’ve only done Camel’s Hump and Mansfield Mountain, two of the 5 highest peaks in the state. We definitely want to do the other high peaks but we needed to start with easier ones first. When we hiked Mansfield we weren’t in the best shape and we are still amazed that we did it at all and didn’t die.

So the first Mountain of the year to help us get ready for those higher peak mountains was Pinnacle Mountain in Stowe. It was a great first hike of the year. It took us about an hour to get up to the summit and eat lunch. There were some tricky parts that were a little steep and the closer you get to the top, the trickier it gets. Like almost all mountains in VT, there is a portion that requires a little rock climbing. What I liked about Pinnacle was that it also had a really nice gradual section where you could catch your breath. Of course, I also enjoyed the view, which is hard not to like in Vermont. I would also suggest going here if you’re looking for a less crowded mountain in the Stowe area. Mansfield always has a ton of people, it’s really crowded and there’s a lot of noise. Pinnacle didn’t have that, I don’t think it’s as well known which means there’s a lot more time to just enjoy nature at it’s best.

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