Cape Cod 2016

Every year, Francis and I head to Cape Cod. I’m sure I’ve blogged about it in the past. Also with this trip, comes a lot of complaining. Here me out before you judge me. I have been going to Cape Cod every year for 26 years. For me, it’s all the same so I hate it. But this year, I decided to not let it be the same. I was determined have us do other things that we hadn’t done before and trust me it worked out pretty well! Below is a bunch of different places we went for your guidance if you ever want to go!

First up, we also go Chatham. Whether we are staying there or just visiting depends on the year. I have family there, so we are usually there for at least half the time. The great thing about little quaint Chatham is that we get to feel like a real Cape Cod resident, not a tourist. We don’t stay at a hotel, we don’t need to go on tours and we get to do things that residents get to, like: go out on a boat, go fishing, lobstering and anchor outside of Chatham on an island for the day. This year, we went fishing. Something we haven’t done at all. The main reason was so that Francis could catch a fish and I could take a picture (see to your right) to send to his grandmother. It was SO much fun, we fished then just hung out at the island where I could read (more on that in blogs to come–it was 4 books by the way!).

After this, we were lucky enough to have some friends in the area for a few days so we met them at Sesuit Harbor Cafe for breakfast. The food was pretty good, but it was the view that was amazing. One thing I’ve noticed with the Cape lately is that there aren’t a lot of places to eat that allow you to see the water. Sesuit was one of those so I loved it. There’s nothing like being above the beach, eat but still see the view at the same. So, if you’re in the area of Dennis MA. I recommend it. We were headed to Hyannis for the day, so it was a perfect little spot for breakfast on our way to the beach/beer tasting and dinner.

Last but not least attraction that we did was alcohol tasting. I’m calling it alcohol tasting because we did both beer and wine tasting. For beer, we went to Cape Cod Beer and Devil’s Purse. Being the Vermont transplant, I have to admit Cape Cod Beer was not my favorite. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever gone to a brewery where both Francis and I disliked the beer- well, not until Cape Cod Beer. Anyway, that’s not the point, it was still fun! But if you’re going to go to one or the other, I would choose Devil’s Purse. My all time favorite place to go is Truro Vineyard . Not only is the wine delicious but the atmosphere is amazing. They have a little outside bar where you can get wine and spirit drinks (now that they also make hard liquor) and do tours of both their hard liquor and wine as well as tastings. It is my favorite and we go almost every year.

There is only one other winery on the Cape and that’s First Crush Winery. While it didn’t have an outside area and it’s actually just in a building that looks like a warehouse, the wine was delicious. There were even red wines I never thought I’d enjoy that I did and the owners were very nice and welcoming. They told us about Devil’s Purse and about places to go for dinner. They were so nice there was no way we could leave without buying wine. 
Anyway, of course we went to the beach and was out in the sun at least half of the time, and doing so I was able to get through 3 1/2 books before we left for the week but doing these other little things that we don’t normally do, really made the vacation extra special and actually has me looking forward to next year!

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