The Thousandth Floor

I’ve been reading a lot lately. My new job has given me the advantage of public transportation so everyday I read for about an hour and half. Anyway, that’s great news for you guys! I’ll have more book reviews. First up is The Thousandth Floor which I read about through ThSkim blog. I’m not going to lie, theSkim provides a lot of book reviews and I’ve yet to find one that I really truly loved from there. This one, is not exception. It might be that I’ve recently been reading the Poldark series (we will get to that later in the week) and comparing the two just isn’t something that really should be done but I did it anyway.

Alright let’s get into The Thousandth Floor. The story takes place in 2118 where you get to read about multiple characters whose lives are forever intertwined before they even realize it. In 2118, NYC looks a lot different compared to what we know of it now. Depending on how much money you have will depend on what floor you live on, what clothes you wear, where you go to school and the amount of technology you have. The richer you are, the less likely you will have something that looks like a cell phone but rather a device that reads your messages over you eyes. I have to admit, the description of closet was my favorite, I won’t spoil that detail for you. Anyway, the characters range from all floors and all lives all the way up to the you guessed it 1,000 floor. To me, this book was a little too pretty little liars futuristic read. The characters were kind of all the same, had their secrets that they didn’t want people knowing. Was it suspenseful? Not really, was a book to read after something so sophisticated like Poldark? Yes, it was. To me, it was a good beach read. Unfortunately I don’t think it was good enough for me to read the second one, I seem to have finished this story and not cared what happened to the characters next.

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