The Love I have for Poldark

Alright so I am going to start off with the best series I’ve read on my absence. Which can probably account for why I wasn’t blogging on here for so long.
We all know I like book series– you’ve got Outlander, Harry Potter, Narnia etc. So I needed another one. I had read an article that said, if you liked Downton Abbey and Outlander you should try PBS’ reboot of Poldark. So I did, I watched the first season and fell in love instantly. When I found out it was a book series, well game over. I immediately started buying each book as I quickly as I could.
The books are written by Winston Graham, there are 12 of them total so it’s a nice long series, roughly 400 and 500 pages long. What’s crazy about these books is that there is a huge gap in between the first half and second half. I’m really happy I wasn’t around in 1945 when the first book came out and would need to wait patiently (impatiently) for the next. Instead I could just read all these 12 at once. Want to know what made this even crazier? I loved the story so much that I didn’t want it to end, so I would read one of them, then a completely different novel so that it spread the series out People on the bus were making fun of me (we will get to that in a different post)! I’ve also now decided I’m going to England next year so I can relive where this story takes place. Alright enough with the rambling….
This will be a compilation of all the books, I’m not going to tell you about each but just give you an overview. I think my love for it did enough on why you should read it :). 
It follows a man named Ross Poldark who arrives back from the Revolutionary War to his home in Cornwall, England where his life is completely different. His father is dead, the woman he thought he would marry is engaged to his cousin and he now is the owner of his family’s land, its villagers, house and mine. He has to start over. So the first book is really about him doing just that, a struggling mine owner trying to make ends meet, finding love again in an unexpected place and moving forward with his life. The next 11 books follow his journey from early 30s into his mid 60s (I believe), the trials, tribulations, the love, the loss, the new life he will lead with his family as they move from the 1700s to the 1800s. You will be see a part of the Napoleonic Wars, maybe understand Parliament a littler better (maybe not, it doesn’t go into that too much), read a random conversation about a young writer who wrote Pride and Prejudice and watch the family grow from young adults to old, children into adults. It hits everything I would want in a novel. But don’t forget, this is what I live for. Historic Europe that I never learned in text books. Especially this time period. 
I fell in love with Winston Graham’s characters, all of them –even the bad ones, I found myself eager to know what was going to happen to them and sad when I knew it was over. It was as if their lives were somehow real and I was getting a glimpse into it. Of course, yes I know they weren’t real but there were people just like them, miners trying to stay alive in Cornwall, England in the 1700-1800s and I am just fascinated by them and thanks to Winston Graham I might understand what their life was like even more. 
Here is the link to everything you need to know about Poldark:

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