It’s been awhile part II

Hey Everyone!

This is part II of my post on It’s been Awhile. I wanted to go into more detail of what has actually been happening and some changes you might see with this blog moving forward. 
  • I might move the blog to somewhere else but I haven’t 100% decided yet, I will let you know if that occurs. 
  • I’m probably going to get rid of the fashion and recipe section. Let’s be real, I don’t really care about fashion or cooking. Maybe if I have one recipe I just can’t live without I’ll share but for the time being this will be strictly books and adventures. 
Alright that’s it for the changes- now on to the new stuff!

  • Like I said in It’s been Awhile Part I. I changed the name of the blog. No, it’s not because I think I’m perfect and no it’s not because I like bees. I wanted something I thought was a littler more creative and had something to do with me, myself. That made me start thinking about my names. As I said before, my last name in Arabic is Perfect or Beauty and my first name in Greek is Honeybee. So, I decided to mesh the two together (interesting tid bit: my boyfriend used to say our ‘song’ was honeybee by Blake Shelton AND he didn’t even know that’s what my name means). 

  • Some other new things that have occurred is that we have moved and now have new jobs. We are back in NY so I’m hoping to get more New York adventures in soon to post. Both of our jobs are government contractors– we both like them and I think we both know we are somewhat doing some ‘cool’ now and ‘making a difference’. I have always felt that way with my career but I think my boyfriend sees it now too. We also have friends again! yay! Something we didn’t have in VT so that’s great, and for all my friends out there that think VT is cheaper than NY, it’s not. NY might even be a little cheaper, if not cheaper the same AND the pay seems to be better, so you know we have that working for us too. 
Upcoming– What to Look for 

  • Expect LOTS of information in the next couple of months. I now take public transportation to work so I read constantly, so check back soon for more book reviews! I’m going take every Friday afternoon to blog so I’m really excited! 
  • I’m also starting another blog with a friend on getting involved in the community more, we are meeting this weekend but I hope to have more information for you guys in the coming weeks as well as a link to that site! The more the merrier! 
  • Let’s see, I have some trips planned, including one next month and my big one to England next year. I’ll probably be posting on that while I look for deals/save and go over how I’m saving for it. I already got my Rick Stevens book so I’m ready to go! 🙂
  • I’m considering looking into my ancestry. I’ve always been interested in doing so but haven’t had the motivation. So, with me having to take public transportation all the time now, and it has wifi…I’m hoping to use a day a week to do so. Has anyone else tried looking up their ancestry before? I probably won’t post about it but could use all the help I could get! 
I hope everyone had a great holiday! 

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