Sunkin Gardens

Florida trip part II. Yes, we did more than just the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, even though that was my reason for going, I had to give my friend some of what she loves about Florida. That would be St. Petersburg, I had never been so I figured…what the heck, right?


I wanted to find something different to do in St. Petersburg compared to only going to the beach so I used Groupon to tell me what they had going on. Sunkin Gardins was one of those things. My friend asked her cousin about it and they said we definitely needed to go…they actually have Yearly Memberships so that obviously tells you that they think it’s a must see.

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It’s in a funny little spot of St. Petersburg. I expected it to be in a quiet area, maybe near the water, it’s a garden and there are apparently wildlife, so I expected the location to be different. It seems to be right in the middle of a pretty busy street so I was hesitant at first. I was nervous that it was going to end up being noisy and the absolute opposite of what I think of when I’m walking into a garden. I was pleasantly surprised!  The garden was so quiet and tranquil, you couldn’t hear the cars at all! I could imagine coming here on a beautiful day (which is about every day in St. Petersbug) and reading, or maybe doing homework if I was a student. It also reminded me of being right back in the Cloud Forest 0f Costa Rica. I couldn’t believe it. On top of how gorgeous it was, there was wildlife to see! Parrots and Flamingos to just add to the Florida feel! I felt like I could have spent a lot of time there and I’m not surprised at all that we saw workers preparing for a wedding! Who wouldn’t want a wedding there!

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Unfortunately, we went in February so there weren’t as many flowers in bloom as there would be later in the year but I still enjoyed it. It was nice to see SO MUCH green but also have it be green that wasn’t a palm tree. If you can find tickets through Groupon, I definitely recommend it, if you can’t, I’d say it’s worth the price, maybe for an all girls outing.

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