January (2017) Round Up

Hey Everyone! So I’m hoping to start an end of the month round up of the highlights that have taken place in the past month. I’m obviously a month behind so stay with me!

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January consisted of these major things:

  • New Year’s Eve at home, having a nice dinner and being together
  • Family Christmas in the mountains
  • Babe’s Birthday
  • Girls weekend! Which included the NYS Museum (ps. I don’t have a lot of adventures coming up so I’ll be adding a post about how great this Museum is, anddd how it will bring you to tears)
  • Rewatching all of Sherlock to get ready for the new season! I’m obsessed, and I think EVERYONE should watch (BBC) Sherlock
  • uhh football, football and MORE football (of course, playoff season)

Books that I read in January: 

  • The Maid of the White Hands – Rosalind Miles
  • Isolde, Queen of the Western Isle – Rosalind Miles
  • Bella Poldark – Winston Graham
  • The Twisted Sword- Winston Graham
  • The Loving Cup- Winston Graham

So all the books I read in January were part of a series. I finished Poldark and I honestly didn’t know what to do with myself. I felt utterly lost without my favorite characters. It was as if I had seen the last story of my dear friends. This all came out while I was having Christmas with my boyfriend’s family –whose mother then gave me the Tristan and Isolde series to calm my nerves. It worked, for the most part but I know I will be re-reading Poldark again and probably very soon.


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