Wuthering Heights

So when I was younger I really only ever read what was required by school or Harry Potter. I know, I didn’t really adventure out in my reading back then. So now I’m trying to catch up with the classics that I never read. Wuthering Heights   (link to a description) is one of those such classic novels that I’ve never read and thought to myself…I need to, just to say I have!

This story was written by Emily Bronte in the 1800s. It was her only novel written unfortunately due to her early death. Her and her sisters all wrote when they were alive– Jane Eyre, written by her sister is another one on my list to read at some point.

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The story centers around the main character Heathcliff, who is “adopted” by a Mr. Earnshaw and becomes part of the family who already has two children. Heathcliff had a difficult childhood and has trouble fitting in with anyone but Catherine, Mr. Earnshaw’s daughter, who he ends up falling in love with. Heathcliff and Catherine are both strong characters, they are brass, and well frankly they are crazy. As the story continues, they both love each other but Catherine knows she cannot marry Heathcliff because of his status, no matter how much she loves him. Heathcliff not realizing that Catherine loves him leaves when he finds out Catherine is to marry someone else and doesn’t return for three years. When he returns, they are older, they are moving on the best they can. Children are involved, death is involved and more craziness is involved that doesn’t just effect Catherine and Heathcliff but everyone who has ever known them. The turmoil that each character goes through is distressing. Their lives seem to never be put together because of the interference Catherine and Heathcliff’s love entails. A lot of people love these two characters, and find them romantic, me…not so much. I don’t find them at all intriguing and their love/romance is too odd for me to enjoy.

This is probably one of the darkest novel I have read. There is so much cruelty, both emotionally and physically for that time period, that I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t popular at its first publication. I’ll be honest, I also had trouble following this one, I couldn’t quite grasp what was going on or enjoyed it enough to care. I hope when I read more stories by the Bronte’s they are different compared to Wuthering Heights, otherwise I will be left with Jane Austen (not that it would be a bad thing).

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