Bookish Things

Alright book lovers out there, I just found out about all the different book boxes that I can have delivered to my house where month! To say I am obsessed would be an understatement. Cue my boyfriend rolling his eyes every time I get a box.

First Up is the Bookish Box:

A monthly subscription of bookish goodies. You find out the theme a few weeks before. You can do monthly, prepay 3 months or prepay 6 months. 


  • The one-time boxes. These are my favorite and I’ve actually decided to not do a subscription with them but instead only get their boxes when their themes sound awesome.
  • You have a ton of options of boxes, you can get just the goodies, you can get the goodies and the shirt, or you can get the goodies and a box
  • Their facebook chat page is AMAZING! I love it, I’ve finally found book nerds like me!
  • Customer service is amazing


  • Shipping. While it’s not too much money for shipping it takes forever for stuff to arrive, like….weeks sometimes 
  • On top of that, if you have a subscription you might not get notified of when your package has been shipped which can b frustrating 
  • The facebook group, while I love it sometimes I hate it because people post the boxes before everyone has gotten them. Side note– the administrators of the group are great. They remove the posts and remind people not to post pictures on the site. 

    Below are pictures of two of the one time boxes I have received: Harry Potter Yule Ball Theme and Sherlock. I loved loved loved the Harry Potter one, the Beauty and the Beast not so much (other than the shirt).

    Can we talk about how perfect this shirt is for sherlock? The notebook (ramblings of a socioath) is going to be saved until my trip to England. My goal is to use it to write all the places we go! Like an England dictionary!! Both of these boxes had candles from whiskeycandleco and they are seriously amazing. 

    Overall I enjoy the bookish box but I’m going to wait for the one time boxes because they are more specific and I can just choose based on my preference (here’s looking at you…my outlander box). 

    Anyway, my birthday is coming up so I decided to ask for an owlcrate subscription to give that one a try. Below is a previous box I ordered from owlcrate that I LOVE! I actually saw this one on instagram and just had to buy it, partly because the book the box came with was on my list. 


    • I like that it doesn’t even have a t-shirt option, this way there are more goodies for the same price of 1 bookish box. 
    • Shipping is amazing. It’s two day delivery and you get notified when it’s shipped 
    • The topics seem more specific to a theme 


    • It doesn’t look like they do one time boxes, so I would need a subscription and hope for the best or wait til after and hope they have some left
    • What they have as a Facebook page doesn’t seem as interactive as the bookish box but I just joined so who knows!

    I have two boxes coming this month, I will be doing unmoving of those once I get them! 

        Do any of you get a monthly subscription box? If so, do you have any recommendations? I really want a find one that fits me perfectly. 

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