Handle With Care

Author: Jodi Picoult

So I’ve never read a book by Jodi Picoult before but I’ve heard good things and I see a lot of her books at stores as “must reads”. I received this one as a going away gift from my previous manager when I left my job and moved to New York. At first, I was really surprised she gave me this book — I don’t like kids so I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t like this one. But then I realized how much more this book is– it’s not just about a daughter and her mother, there is a medical aspect to this one that grabbed my attention just a little bit more.

The story is all about Willow, who is born with a disease that causes her to break her bones all the time. It’s to the point that her parents have to keep a doctor’s note with them at all times so that when they go to the ER, people won’t think it’s child abuse. It’s that bad. As the story progresses, Willow’s parents realize that they have a legal case against their GYN and best friend missed the diagnosis early on. The story revolves around how this one decision by Willow’s mother will effect everyone involved- Willow, her husband, her best friend, Willow’s sister, the lawyers and community. I found this hard to read not because of the story but because it was hard for me to find a character I really liked. I especially didn’t like the mother, not so much because of her decision but because she kept forgetting about her other daughter. Her other daughter who was in pain in a different way.

The book itself was a quick read. It also gave a lot of perspectives on what it’s like to have a disability, and the people who surround you day in and day out. Overall, it was depressing– so be prepared if you decide to read it.

Have you read any other Jodi Picoult book? I’m hesitant to read another since I was so conflicted on how I felt about this one.

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