King’s Cage

Author: Victoria Aveyard

King's Cage (B&N Exclusive Edition) (Red Queen Series #3)

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Okay, so let me start with an apology. I haven’t written a review of Glass Sword which is the second book in the Red Queen series. I’ll get to that one at some point but since I just completed the third in the series, the King’s Cage, I wanted to review it before I forget about it.

So this story starts out exactly where we left off in the second one. The lightening girl, aka Mare is trying to save her loved ones and in doing so, becomes a prisoner to the King. So the story picks up with her as a prisoner while her friends and family continue to fight the silvers who want to bring them down because they are different. In the background of all of this, Cal is still trying to find a way to break  Mare free from his brother and get her back.

The beginning of this book was really slow and I was confused on why it could be so slow because I thought it was the last in the series. Surprise! It’s not, there is at least one more. Which, by the way thank God because this ending is everything. I don’t normally ship book characters (except for in the Hunger Games) so a part of me found the first half boring because Cal and Mare weren’t together and I just love Cal. Can I gush for a minute? Victoria Aveyard has such a great description of him both mentally and physically. But physically he seriously sounds like someone who everyone would stop and look at. This isn’t the only reason I like him though, I like his leadership and his honesty with Mare, I like that his faults are real faults and not ones like Maven (who reminds me of a Joffrey from GoT….) who has been changed so drastically by his mother.

Okay enough rambling about my #TeamCal ship and back to the story. The story definitely starts you off with a lot of new known facts about Maven and how he was brought up by his mother, what she did to him to make him the way he was and why he has an obsession with Mare. It still doesn’t make me like him anymore though sadly. The story also gives you perspective chapters of Mare, Cameron (who we meet in the second book– a new blood) and Evangeline. The Evangeline character really comes to light in this one. I have to give Victoria props for the character development. While this was great I would have liked to see Maven and Cal’s perspective (though I think it will happen in book 4).

The character development was really interesting in this as well. Every character that was highlighted in the book had some kind of development that was easy to see. While they got stronger or realized who they were, they were all still dealing with the ramifications of the past two books, so tying it together was interesting to see. It also brought to life how people shape you from also young also get and sometimes you have no control over that and who you become because of it. I totally get it, it’s happened to me.

While the first half was boring (seriously, asleep) the second half was so much better and I can’t wait to see the last battle scene brought to screen (this is becoming a movie by the way). The very ending crushed me, I was pretty heart broken but I’m hoping book 4 ties it all up into the beautiful bow I want it to be and not crush me like the ending of Divergent (though seriously, still an awesome ending).

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