2017 Upcoming Books I Can’t Wait For

Alright, so usually I have such a long list of books that I don’t ever read a book the year it comes out. Like, unless it’s related to a series that I’ve been reading, I’m usually a year behind. So a goal I have this year is to read one book (not related to a series I’m reading) that came out in 2017.

Since I have SO many already on my list this year, I only chose three that I found really interesting to consider this year. If you click on them, it will bring you to a link with more information

So I literally chose this one because I think the cover is pretty. I’m not usually one to do that either. Usually I care more about the story than the cover. However, I only read the All Soul’s Trilogy because the last book was too pretty not to buy. So I’ve come to the conclusion that I can do that with this one as well. Might as well right? I’ve also seen this one on a lot of blog pages as a must read or can’t wait to read. So I figured if other people think it will be good then I should totally give it a try!


So I very rarely read ANYTHING that sets place in Russia. I wish that was different. I want to broaden my “location” of choice, so when I found The Bear and the Nightingale, I figured it would be a good book to give a try to. It sounds sort of like Little Red Riding Hood story. It also said if you’ve read the Night Circus then you would probably want to give this one a try, and yeah, obviously I read the Night Circus and gave it a pretty good review, so that obviously means this has to be on the list!


The last Neanderthal is about an archaeologist digging/examining artifacts. These artifacts that are found twist back into the story of the last families of the Neanderthals’ that roamed. So it’s present day and history wrapped into one book and an explanation of how the stories intersect. Okay, I’m in. There’s nothing more that needs to be told about this. It sounds great just from that little excerpt alone.


I actually had a really hard time finding any upcoming 2017 books I wanted to read, probably because my favorite time period is 1700-1800s or WWII Europe.

Are there any out there that you guys are reading or know of that would fit my criteria of what I like?  I’m always looking for new books and this will be a challenge for me! Have any of you read the books above and enjoyed them?


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