Carrie Underwood- 2016

Other than my love of books and adventures, I also have a love for music. It’s always been in me, I love to dance and to sing in the car. I even played the clarinet from 3rd grade through college and even a little bit after that (mostly volunteering). So every year I try my hardest to see at least one concert.

Last fall I was lucky enough to see my girl Carrie Underwood for the second time. Spoiler, I love everything Carrie Underwood. This will be a bias post because I have nothing bad to ever say about her. She is gorgeous, she is kind and her voice is phenomenal. When I found out she was coming, I told three people who have never seen her and one who has, that we were going. They agreed without hesistation.

So where to start? I have seen and lot of concerts and the only person who is on par with Carrie is Dierks Bentley. But he is such a different artist than Carrie that it’s hard to actually compare them. All I know is that my favorite concerts involve these two (maybe they should tour together! If that ever happened I would seriously follow them around the north east).

The concert itself included a variety of new and old songs. It’s so fun to see her command the stage and see everyone’s face when she hits her notes, which she never misses. It’s remarkable to hear such a strong voice for 2+ hours that never gives way. She could literally just stand on stage and sing and people would be in awe. At one point, my friend actually said out loud “wow”.

She also said: “she seems so nice, I want to be her friend”. Which is totally the vibe Carrie Underwood gives off. On top of her own songs (from every album), she also covered some classic covers that were memorable.

Overall, I think everyone who was there loved it. I certainly did. The only downside was that the music was sometimes too loud. My mother said that she wished she could just sing without the loud music and special effects…but then it wouldn’t be a typical concert.
If you like country music and have never seen Carrie Underwood I urge you, no I beg you to go. You will not be disappointed.

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