Spring Ahead

Currently Listening to: Phillip Phillips – Fly

It’s March…yes! That means it’s springtime! Yes again! I love the changing of the seasons, it’s one of the major reasons why I will never move from the Northeast, everything it has to offer is just too good!

Here are some Spring Goals I have for myself:

  • Seriously start looking into the prices of my trip to London
  • Make sure I have my Cape Cod trip planned
  • Help host my friend’s baby shower
  • Help host my friend’s bridal shower
  • Try and plan a trip to D.C./ go to D.C
  • start re-reading Outlander (maybe)
  • Hike! Ahh I can’t wait!
  • Kayak! Ahh can’t wait for this either
  • Maybe find time to celebrate my birthday?
  • Plan an epic weekend for my friends from VT!
  • Spring clean/get rid of unnecessary stuff
  • try to be better about the whole recycling thing
  • Run a 5k

We will see how all of this goes, when it’s summertime I’ll let you know how this went. Hopefully it went so well there will be posts about it.

Do you guys have anything planned for the Spring? I’d love to hear your ideas/plans 🙂

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