The White Princess

Author: Philippa Gregory

Currently watching: The Tudors

The White Princess is the 5th book in Philippa Gregory’s ‘The Cousins War’ and the 5th in her ‘The Plantagent and Tudor Novels’. It follows the life of the daughter of Edward and Elizabeth from The White Queen.


Elizabeth if York sees her life falling apart, her and her mother do not know where or what happened The White Princess (Cousins' War Series #5)to her younger brothers. Her uncle and lover has just died in a battle against the new King of England, Henry VII of the Tudor reign. Thus starting the beginning of the Tudors and the fall of the Yorks. In order for Elizabeth to survive, she must marry Henry VII and try to bring peace to her country. But what happens when her country still loves the Yorks? What happens when they can’t love the Tudors and what happens when a young man arrives who claims to be one of her brothers lost many years before?


I wasn’t a huge fan of this book until the end which is sad. While I liked the history and the way Philippa Gregory came up with her own theory about the Princes of the Tower, I couldn’t find a main character other than Maggie that I liked. If Gregory’s portrayal of both Elizabeth and Henry are correct, then I find I wouldn’t have liked them as monarchs compared to Edward and Elizabeth from the York reign. While I didn’t enjoy the characters, I enjoyed the history and the mystery that Gregory came up with. It has definitely made me want to learn more about the time period as well as the theories about the young princes. I’ve also decided to try and read a book about all these monarchs since Edward and Elizabeth it broaden my knowledge. These family members went from England to Francis and to Scotland so I’d like to read about each one through history if I can find the right book!

As always, if you click on the picture it will bring you to Barnes & Noble where you can get more of the synopsis as well as other books by Philippa Gregory 

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