Author: Stephanie Garber

Listening to: Phillip Phillips

Hi everyone! Welcome to my first review about a book released in 2017 and thanks to Owl Crate for sending it to me!

Synopsis: Caraval is the unknown. It’s more than just a magical game, it’s everything you could possibly think of. Scarlett has never left her home country before, her and her sister Tella live with their father, a man who knows no justice but violence. Scarlett has been desperate to leave the country at least once, and she’s also been desperate to experience the world of Caraval by the mysterious Legend. When her wish comes true and she gets invited–her, her sister Tella and a boy named Julian enter a world of magic. They say it’s just a game, they say that everything you see is just make believe and to try and remember that…but what happens when it’s not all make believe like they say?

Can we start by just appreciating how gorgeous and magical this cover is? This was one of the main reasons why I knew I needed to read this book and read it asap.

Caraval (Caraval Series #1)

Okay, so let’s start off with the not so great. I wasn’t a huge fan of Scarlett at times. I wanted to like her but she was sometimes annoying and repetitive. I also felt like this was a true YA book– at times I thought maybe I’m too old for this. This wasn’t based off of the story but the writing. There were a few times when I found grammatical errors. Luckily for Garber that didn’t take away from the absolute awesomeness of this book. I started it on a Sunday and finished it the next day. This book was magical, and mysterious in a way that I didn’t expect. I was impressed with Garber’s story, I was impressed that someone came up not only with this world but with the story line to it, it was creative and while I thought it might be a competitive type game like Hunger Games but with magic it wasn’t…it was so much more. Also, the cliffhanger is GENIUS. The little issues I had couldn’t take away from how awesome I thought this book was.

Do I recommend this book? Yes, I’m already impatiently waiting for the next one and this is a very good start for Owlcrate in my book.

as always, the picture of the book is a link to more information about Caraval from my favorite store Barnes & Noble

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