Wicked and Dinner in Upstate New York 

Alright guys I am so excited for this adventure review. I haven’t been to a Broadway show since I saw Lion King over 5 years ago. Now that I live back in New York where there a ton of event locations, I am able to go to Proctors, and SPAC whenever I want. This post is going to be about a full day out enjoying a Broadway show and some good food in Upstate NewYork.

So Proctors is  located in Schenectady New York and it originally opened in the early 1900s, so there’s a lot of history here. It has a ton of Broadway shows, usually 7 to 10 different shows a year. First up this year was Wicked! I have always wanted to see this so I was so excited when it was coming!

Wicked is the story of well, how the Wicked witch became Wicked and her relationship/friendship with Glinda the good witch. I won’t give anything else away except that it was fantastic. I enjoyed it even more than I thought I would and it just reiterated why I am so excited to be able to go to more of these shows. What was even more exciting is that someone I graduated high school with was in it! So its was really cool to see him up there and remembering where he got his start…on the little old stage in my elementary school. Anyway other than that, the music was great, the two leads were brilliant. They were funny, and had superb voices. I would totally recommend going!

Next on the list to see at Proctors will be: Les Miserables, Finding Neverland and Hamilton!

We went to the matinee so we got out at 5, perfect timing for dinner! I don’t know a lot of restaurants in the Schenectady area so we ended up going to one of my new hot spots Boca Bistro in Saratoga. While it’s at bit pricey, the food is fantastic. There is a great variety of both tapas and dinners, anyone can find something to eat there. We did the tapas and while it was filling, I didn’t feel extremely full which is the exact way I like to leave dinner! If you go there make sure to get the ham croquettes, bacon wrapped dates, salad with goat cheese and the churros.

If you decide to go there make a reservation in advance. A day is enough for a small party to get a reservation! Enjoy!

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