Hidden Figures

Hey everyone! Here is a spoiler free review of Hidden Figures. I have not seen the movie yet though the trailer looked great and all of my friends have said that the movie was superb. Which obviously means I need to read the book before I can see the movie, like all book lovers.

Synopsis: This is a story about three women who break not only the barrier for their race but the barrier for the if gender as they become some of the most influential women to work at NASA during WWII and the space race. The book is detailed into everything going on on the outside of NASA as well as within as these women try to work and be seen as the smart individuals as they are.

Hidden Figures: The American Dream and the Untold Story of the Black Women Mathematicians Who Helped Win the Space Race

As always the picture will bring you to more information on Barnes&Noble. 

I really wanted to like this. While I am so thankful for everything that they did for their race and my gender (especially since I deal with math) I just couldn’t get into this. Here are some reasons:

  • I found the writing extremely dry and too detailed on how to be a engineer compared to the stories
  • There are too many people. It took until I was almost to the end to know who the third main woman was
  • It felt too much like a textbook
  • At times I couldn’t really tell who these woman were personality wise
  • It honestly took me until page 126 of 300 to get into it
  • It was way less about the space each then I thought it would be

Now this might all be because of my expectations being too high because of what I’ve heard and what I saw from the movie trailer. That can always happen. If the story wasn’t so dry I think I would have enjoyed it more so then I did because it is so influential, emotional and motivational. It was interesting to read what was going on in US history at this same time and how these women had an effect on that. It was also interesting to see what NASA did to help and how women wanted to keep working after the war. But the complexities ablwaysnnd back and forth chapters were too much for me.

Did anyone else read this and have anyone of the same difficulties as I did?

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